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Gualtiero Redivo was born in 1946 in Genoa but a few years later he and his family moved to Rome.

After a brief experience in figurative painting, he concentrates his interest in the multi-material field.

In 1969 Gualtiero Redivo takes part in his first exhibition, a collective academic exhibit at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum in Rome.

He gets a degree in Mathematics at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome and he immediately starts working for a prominent Bank of the Country as information technology operator, and subsequently as automation and organization analyst.

His job is very absorbing - therefore he can devote himself to painting only from time to time - but he keeps up to date with the different artistic trends. In this period he takes part in collective exhibits with artworks by using paper of poor quality, shoe polish, markers and transparent adhesive tape.

In 1996 he feels he has to commit himself more constantly to art: he participates to many contests and proposes his artworks to different art galleries. He also attends classes in different art academies in order to share his visions with other artists.

 This is the period of maximum ripeness and full maturity of his artistic creation, the “knot poetics” is born.

In 2001 he holds his first serious individual exhibition, under the patronage and with the contribution of the Province of Rome, at Palazzo Valentini in Rome. RAI 3 broadcasts a television report about the exhibition.

In 2007, 2009 and 2010 three of his individual exhibitions are under the patronage of the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.

In 2010 one of his masterpieces is bought by the Museum of Art of Ningbo (Cina), designed by architect Wang Shu (winner of the Pritzker prize).

The 2011 edition of the Strenna Romanisti N° 72, an annual publication supported by the Rome Foundation Art and Museums and the Province of Rome, on page 640 shows the photo of the opera "The unpopularity of the complex". As usual the Strenna was donated to the Mayor of Rome and Pope: Benedict XVI.

In the same year his work was included in the publication (limited edition) "The lights Italian by Marguerite Yourcenar" designed to summarize all of the initiatives implemented in Italy in 2011 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the election of the first woman writer to Academic France - Ed. Antinoo International Centre for Art, Marguerite Yourcenar (October 2011). The publication has been given to the Académie Française in Paris, Yvon Bernier (testamentary heir of Marguerite Yourcenar - Canada), Françoise Bonali Fiquet (expert of Marguerite Yourcenar) and Archives of the Villa Marguerite Yourcenar in Montnoir - France.

On the occasion of the Rome Film Festival, during the parallel event, the “Sanpietrino Marguttiano” 2011 - sixth edition (Honorary President: Maestro Luigi Magni and Godmothers: Lola Mastroianni and Erminia Manfredi) has been awarded the VI Special Prize "Ruggero Mastroianni" to Stefania Sandrelli. Redivo has made the award for the actress.

In 2012, as part of the initiative promoted by the Ministry of Transport - Central Committee of Road Transport Albo, his work was chosen to customize load compartment of a truck. A folder containing reproductions of all the participating works was donated to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2012, under the patronage of the President of the Republic, of the Chamber of Deputies, of the Senate of the Repubblica and of the Ministry of Environment, Redivo has exhibited some of his works in the event "Art'Eco-L'Arte del Riuso" at the Cultural Center of Rome Elsa Morante.

In 2013 he participates in an exhibition at the PAN - Palazzo delle Arti in Naples - to raise funds for the reconstruction of the City Science of Naples.

In 2015, period February / March was invited to Doha (Qatar) "Al Asmakh International Symposium of Art 2015" for the construction of three works for the collection Regency Art, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Qatar.

In 2016, the Italian Ambassador City Mexico chose on loan for use, for the entire period of its mandate, two works to be exhibited in the premises of the Embassy.

In 2019 he participated in the "Imagining Leonardo" exhibition in the Sonnino Castle (Livorno) at the inauguration intervened Philippe Daverio.

In 2022, as part of the "Adopt a wall" initiative, through the organizers of the SyArt Festival of Sorrento, a my work was delivered to the Tumor Institute of Naples IRCCS Fondazione Pascale which will be displayed at the Ascalesi Hospital, satellite pole of Pascale, in what will soon become the laboratory of the soul of Pascale, where by laboratory of the soul we mean a place where art courses (painting, ceramics, acting, writing) will take place.